Three latest trends in Automotive engineering

Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research adress

Scientists from The Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research work with new technologies in automotive sphere. They published three latest and the most important trends in engineering. And if you have a car you should know about them because they will chance our life in the nearest future.

  1. The first trend is related with battery systems. When some company develops battery its developers should remember about three most important aspects of this product. They are performance, life and cost. And all these aspects really depend on each other. So that is why today researchers try to make a total price of battery system much lower but at the same time save its quality. This task is not as simple as you may think. Some of scientists even try to produce completely new battery system. They want to create battery which will work with more extreme temperature extremes and has lower weight. You can be sure that your next car will have completely new battery system of better quality and lower price.
  2. Second trend is about an engine. Researchers are trying to do their best to produce an engine which will work with higher loads. Their goal is to increase the engine efficiency. But this aim is not the only one. Scientists also want to reduce the friction in the piston units and number of cylinders. Thank to this new engine will have small weight so complete weight of a car will be smaller too. This is a reason why a car with a new motor will spend less fuel. This engine will be much more effective than the old one and it will help you to save more money on gas.
  3. The third trend is connected with advanced combustion modes. Scientists of the university try to improve advanced combustion modes. It will help them chance effectiveness of an engine and place it on absolutely new level. One of their new development is called HCCI. It can be decrypted as homogeneous charge compression ignition. The most important distinction of this new technology is the fact that this combustion mode produces less emission but still has a very high level of effectiveness.

The main goal of all these researches is to improve performance of a car and reduce its costs and a number of fuel which is used by a vehicle. It is very important in our time because in the nearest future humanity will face with situation when there won’t be enough gas. Until we find a new kind of effective fuel these researches is very topical.

Ohio state university center

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