The world is awaiting Honda Civic


The autumn 2016 will become slleings start of 10th generation of so famous and leovely auto as  Honda Civic. The new model will be released in two different variants: the two-door variant for US consumers and full-completed sedan for the others.

Nowodays the Japanese set a goal to make the fatest hatchback ever with this new model, no yet analogs on the market.


The vehicle strongly differs from models that were proposed by the manufacturers last years. First of all it differs with wind screen hifted far back as possible. Second, is the unusual color harmony that design to underline the sport character of the new vehicle. Third is specially developed circular adaptive dampers for this model.



Honda Civic 2016

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Honda Civic 20162016_honda_civic_sedan_side203_2016_honda_civic_fd_1Honda_Civic_Type_R_6

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